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My father, Randy, worked through gastrointestinal symptoms for over a week before extreme fatigue and fever rendered him too ill to get out of bed. He received his COVID-19 positive test result on April 17th. One week later, on April 24th, he was admitted to the hospital for severe hypoxia. After 3 days, he was transferred to a larger hospital where he received Convalescent Plasma. He remained on extremely high levels of high flow oxygen via nasal cannula, and fought in prone position for the majority of each day. The Plasma did not deliver positive results. My dad fought the scariest fight of his life without his family by his side. He was intubated on May 7th. He received Remdesivir beginning the very next day, but unfortunately, the drug did not deliver positive results either. His wife, his children, and his grandchildren would fill his room with love, laughter, and encouragement via Zoom, hoping it would ring louder than the whooshing and beeping that consumed his ICU room. We prayed he could hear us. On the night of May 19th, 2020, my mother and I, his first born child, abruptly learned his condition took a turn, and he was not going to make it through the night. We raced to the hospital, fully donned PPE, and entered ‘Covid Central’ to hold his hands and comfort him while he passed on a ventilator. He was a comical, loving, healthy, and hard working 62 year old who did not have to die that night. He always told me that he was in the ‘Autumn of his life’….and my heart beats in pain every second of every day knowing he never made it to winter. We are endlessly grateful for the nurses and doctors who gave everything they had during such a nightmare to try to send him back home to us. We can never repay them for their sacrifices and dedication.

Cheryl Anne Werner,  New York

Elder man smiling