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My husband of 35 years died of covid19 in April we did everything that we could wore mask didn’t go out anywhere until I had to go food shopping and 4 days later I was sick. I was worried for my husband because he had controlled diabetes but had a heart attack in June the year before and 1 vessel bypass in October of 2019 unfortunately 13 days after I was sick he woke up with a fever 103.7 and for 2 weeks he sick his fever broke on the 13th day we were excited the worst was over he made it until the next day he woke up fever again and I listened to his lungs I was a nurse and then I went numb he had pneumonia 2 days later off to the hospital another 2 days I got the call he was on a ventilator he fought for another 2 weeks before I had to make the worst decision of my life take him off I’ve seen many people having to do the same thing but I know now how hard it is to do he was a good man who devoted his life to me I had many health problems and he never left my side even sitting in a chair all night in the hospital when I was sick and I couldn’t go see him or hold his hand or tell him I love you so much this virus strips you of everything no funeral to honor him no kiss good bye. He was all alone and it broke my heart and me thank you for letting me write this

Susan Knott, New Jersey 

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