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I wish we weren’t writing this story. It isn’t a story we wish to tell or relive. But he deserves to be mentioned and remembered in every way. At the height of the pandemic, my dad and mom quarantined themselves not leaving the house except to get essentials from the grocery store. Still, they both contracted the virus. He was the type of guy who usually brushed off ailments saying it’s no big deal. So when he approached my mom saying he was having trouble breathing, it signaled that he was seriously ill. So my mom called 911 and the EMTs took him to the hospital where he was eventually intubated. His condition was uncertain everyday showing signs of progress one day and then getting worse later. On April 7, 2020, approximately one week after being admitted, we were told that he wasn’t going to make it. The toughest thing was that we couldn’t be there for him. We couldn’t visit, hold his hand, or talk to him. We watched his last breath through a phone camera. It was the most difficult thing our family has ever gone through. We lost the most wonderful husband, dad and grandfather anyone can ever have. We love him very much and will miss him everyday, forever.

Marianne Dungca, New Jersey

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