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My husband was infected with coronavirus in April and he was in the hospital fighting for his life. Unfortunately he lost the battle after 3 months in the hospital, but during that time I lived in my own flesh as the nurses and doctors fought to save him and I saw how my husband clung to life. He was connected to a ventilator for 22 days and managed to get out of the induced coma and they placed a tracheotomy, he was connected to dialysis for 24 hours and during that time I saw how all the nurses and doctors tried to keep him alive day by day. Unfortunately, he lost the battle because of all the evil that covid does to internal organs. It is so painful to see how day by day your husband is losing the battle and to see how the nurses worked like industrious little birds all together trying to save his life. Thank you for creating this commemorative day for those who died from covid and to thank those who are at the forefront of the pandemic.Only those of us who live in our own flesh know the struggle that takes place day by day and night after night. My son and I also had covid along with my husband but we managed to survive.

Miranda Bamaca, 

Doctor and patient smiling