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My Dad and One of my Best friends in the world who was TAKEN by this πŸ’” Virus on May 4th, 2020. He was a Healthy Independent Man and Not a Social Butterfly. This is my last photo of my Dad when my Husband and Brother visited outside the house with masks on his 79th Birthday πŸŽ‚ on March 18th just a week before he Drove HIMSELF to ProHealth on March 25th for a test because he had fever. He was home for 3 weeks ALONE…Then at LIJ on Long Island for 3 Weeks from April 17th till May 4th when he passed. He was only on a Ventilator the last 2 days!!! And I couldn’t go see him. I Advocated from home and did all I could including getting Actemra IL-6 Inhibitor and Convalescent Plasma! This is BRUTAL and I am HEARTBROKEN πŸ’” MY DAD SHOULD STILL BE HERE! As should SO Many of The Americans who were Needlessly Taken!

– Kim Kuperschmid, New YorkΒ Β