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My father passed away on April 27th 2020 after a battle with COVID-19. One can not imagine how painful it is not to be with the one you love knowing they didn’t have much longer to live, there was nothing anyone was able to do for him and you needed to say your last goodbyes on the phone. The words will never escape my brain for as long as I live, my actions and words will never escape my husband or my kids as I sat in tears acting like a child begging my husband to do something and pleading with god. It happened with days and so quick to this day none of it makes sense to us. One day he was talking and things were ok and then the next he was in ICU. He was on a breathing tube and then he was taking off the next day. Then we were told he was being transferred to another hospital to start dialysis but he coded twice on the way there. He wasn’t there long when we got the call he became septic and there was nothing else they could do. My family and I just didn’t understand how this could happen, how was it possible. We live in heartache, anger, frustration and pain everyday from this awful thing we call COVID-19. We lost not only my dad but a grandfather, brother, husband and great friend to many.

Jennifer Descheneau, New Hampshire

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