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My father, my person, died of Covid-19 infection and pneumonia right before Thanksgiving 2021. I am his youngest child and I was honored to be able to hold his hand and fight for his survival at his side under strict Covid restrictions. I’ve never hurt so badly nor have I wanted to save someone more than that moment he took his last breath. The experience was the most traumatic thing I have ever had happen, ensuring that not a day will go by where I do not think of him and what he went through. Our loved ones died a horrible death at the hands to Covid-19. I wouldn’t wish it upon a single soul. My heart aches for all those affected. Until I meet you in Valhalla, I love and miss you dad.

Robert Bruce Weikert 02/04/1960 – 11/23/2021

Laci Weikert (Texas)

Robert Bruce Weikert