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I lost my father to COVID-19 while he was visiting out of country when COVID-19 hit. He decided to weight it out until it was safe to travel but unfortunately got exposed at a funeral of his brother. By the time he was tested and found a hospital that would take him, it was too late he spent his last 8 weeks in a hospital in a medical induced coma. He had been affected to much and had covid related issues and never fully recovered and continued to get worse until his heart gave out. We were lucky to come up with nearly $43,000.00 to pay for the 1st 6 days of treatment and his health care from here took over to help with all his care. I am now trying to get reimbursed as we owe the money. We haven’t been able to give him an honest funeral or private service to honor his life because we cant afford it. We did bring him home in an urn.

Gloria Padilla, California

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