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Our story began March 14th. It was a nice sunny day and we went over to my daughters house to walk the dog with her. We ran into one of her friends and had a nice chat with them. We had spent a couple of nights at the equinox resort in Vermont earlier in the week. I had received a gift certificate for retirement in June. We decided to go because my husband would be busy with the upcoming soccer season where he would be running up and down the field as a ref. My son had been here the first of March and my husband and he went hiking. The night of March 14 he developed a low grade fever but we thought it might be due to getting the shingles shot the day before. But I had just found out 2 days prior that my daughter was pregnant, no one else knew so be extra careful we self quarantined immediately. Monday we finally to the script to get the test. Drove to the hospital and it was not easy getting the test. They basically were trying to discourage us from getting it. Finally got it and got the positive results on Friday. There is no brief way to share our story…but for 12 days suffered at home, no doctor, no nurse just a call each day from the county. Day 12 he finally agreed to go to the hospital. He walked out of the house and into the ambulance, I felt such relief. Finally he will get help, felt like we were on a deserted island in the middle of the ocean. Well the nightmare had just begun. March 27 in the hospital, hard to get information, doctor calls me on Monday to say the were going to keep treating him with the oxygen and the COVID “cocktail “. That evening they called to say they put him on the ventilator. For the next 23 days it was a complete roller coaster ride. We never got to see him. My daughter had to tell her unconscious father that he was going to be a grandpa via an iPad and that’s how we all said goodbye. Three trips to the hospital the last week but never got to see him.

– Janis Clark, New York

Dad with 2 kids