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On March 25,2020 I went to the MUSC-Florence ER with Covid Symptoms. The ER doctor didn’t test for the virus. He sent me home with a diagnosis of Upper Respiratory Infection. I told him I have 2 children and a elderly person in home. He said I would be fine and login into virtual clinic with Dr Care. Upon me answering the question I was later told I have a sinus infection. So I’m at my house and my grandma lives with me and my 2 children. My condition began to get worse with 3 days. I called my Family Physician and he had me to come in ASAP. He tested me for the Flu, Strep Throat, and COVID-19. April 2, 2020 I received the unwanted call. He Ms. McKenzie you test positive for COVID-19. He later said please remain in quarantine then asked how is your grandmother and kids. I told I’m not sure because I’ve been around them for 3days before see you. He said have them tested because the Hospital dropped the ball on not testing you. My grandma tested positive on April 8,2020. My life changed forever she started coughing later that night and I call 911 to come to my house to pick her up. That was the last time I saw my grandmother she died on April 26,2020. As of right now I’m dealing with COVID-19 long hauler complications. I was diagnosed with Lupus, Stroke like symptoms, and nerve damage that’s just to name a few things.

Tinesia McKenzie, South Carolina 

Grandma with grandson with we love our grandparents