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We were so careful as our two daughter and my husband were high risk for covid. Shane was waiting to have surgery so he hardly ever left the house. He was the first to get it. We thought it allergies. 3 days later with his oxygen at 75 I said goodbye on the sidewalk outside the ER as the nurse wheeled him away. The next day he way in the ICU with covid pneumonia in both lungs. He was placed on Bi-pap. Covid starting attacking his heart. No matter what they gave him his lungs and heart were not getting better. On Monday the 20th I had a conversation with the Dr about how this was going to be a long process and he would probably be there a month but they felt he would recover. 3 hrs later I got the worst call ever that he was gone. I never got to talk to him that day, my daughters never got to say goodbye. There are no words to accurately explain how horrible this experience was.

РJulie Hall, Georgia 

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