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My dad, a spry 92-year-old, experienced a fall on March 17. He fractured his hip requiring surgery. Came through surgery no problem, continued with rehab. As the virus spread, he was sent home to rehab there provided the family secure round the clock care. The first week home he was fine, then became uncooperative and lethargic. His second week home he rapidly declined. The healthcare professionals working with him at this point did not suspect the virus, his behavior dismissed as age related. On April 19 my husband and I broke quarantine to see him as we were very worried. We took precautions. It was the last time I’d see my dad. He was admitted to the hospital on 4/20 and passed early in the morning on April 23 from COVID-19 pneumonia. We buried him on 4/26, on 4/29 my mother was admitted to the hospital given a slim chance of survival. She received plasma from Mayo Clinic study and fought to stay alive. She was released from the hospital on 6/12. Covid left its mark. Her breathing is affected as is her hand. The virus attacked the tendons. She had surgery last week. 
My family, my business have become a huge balancing act. I babysit for my infant granddaughter 3 days a week and work in my office 3 days a week. The stress of keeping everyone safe can be daunting. 
No one is untouched.

– Betsy Utnick, Harriman, NY

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