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I had to call 911 for my husband on 4-1-20, as he couldn’t stand or walk, they sent him home the next morning with a diagnosis of viral syndrome, but he hadn’t been tested for Covid-19 because he didn’t have shortness of breath(And probably due to testing shortages). I proceeded to take care of a very sick man, while I was also I’ll with Covid-19. 48 hours later I had to call 911 a 2nd time, he want able to stand or walk and was very confused. He continued to deteriorate at the hospital and never returned home. They called on the morning of 4-9-20, 1 day after our 31st Wedding Anniversary(he was lucid the night before and told me that marrying me was the best thing he had ever done) and said I should come to the hospital. Fortunately, I was able to spend his lady hours with him(not sure if he knew I was there), at least he didn’t pass on alone, he was gone by early evening. We miss him everyday, everyone who has died from this virus has left before their time.

Cynthia L Ferri, Colorado  

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