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My mother moved me to America from Ukraine 9 years ago to give me a better life. We were very close. I came to see her in Illinois a few times a month, we always called each other. When she starting having a fever I called all hospitals and doctors I could think of. Everyone kept saying to sit at home and take Tylenol. When she started having trouble to breathe she went to emergency room and they detected pneumonia and admitted her to ICU. She was starting to get better when they suddenly put her on the ventilator and put her in a coma without letting me talk to her first. I called day and night to check on her and asked to try putting her on her stomach, but they didn’t. For a week all nurses and doctors kept giving me different information and the ventilator caused her lungs to collapse. While they were trying to work on her lung, they lost her pulse and she was gone forever. She had a house, 2 pets, a job, and many friends that loved her. She was only 57 and healthy. Now I am alone.

– Yuliya Sierova, Missouri

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