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I had the virus first and was quite sick but was able to recover at home. My honey caught it after me in late March. I took care of Vee for about 7-9 days at home before being hospitalized on April 4th, 2020.

Vee was very fatigued couldn’t get out of bed. He experienced low grade temps for a few days then no appetite. He was a diabetic. I tried keeping him hydrated getting him to have soup was difficult. His Dr. gave him Amoxicillin for a developing cough. A few days later he had very bad diarrhea. I heard a noise coming from the room. The next day, Vee wasn’t able to hold his head up or speak. His blood sugar dropped to a dangerous level of 40 and was given Glucose by first aid. His blood sugar returned to normal. Several days later still running low grade temps. I kept in touch with his doctor. Finally he developed a fever of

101 and having respiratory problems. First Aid was called and took him to the hospital. I wasn’t allowed to visit him or hold him in my arms or give him a kiss. I miss him so much.

– Rita Fischer, New Jersey

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