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My dad got a positive test and two days later was on a ventilator and would never come off. He was on a ventilator for 12 days. His organs started shutting down and he could not keep his oxygen up. My mom, brother and I had to make the decision to take him off the vent. His body shut down and only the machines were keeping him alive. April 13, 2020 4:17 pm, COVID took my dad. We never got to say goodbye or hold his hand to kiss his forehead one last time. My dad (Tim) was the staple to our whole family. He was the knower of everything, even when he wasn’t. He would help anyone at anytime no matter what. You would never see him without one of his many #1 grandpa hats on. He lived for his grand kids. COVID took him away from us. Ended is life at 68 years old and he had so much more to give to this world.

Connie Marie Legue,  Michigan

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