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I lost the love of my life my husband 1/8/20 @ 1:45 am. I loved him so much and he was my rock! We met later in life due to each having horrible previous marriages. When we met we were not getting married but quickly discovered we needed each other and loved each other so much. We were only married 7 very short years. I feel so numb and my heart is broken in a million pieces. We were supposed to have at least 20-30 years together and you know? I feel robbed. I dropped him off at the emergency room and only saw him for a short week on zoom call made by him. He was later vented and I had to beg staff to take an iPad to his room so I could talk at him. I begged and pleaded, when I could take it no longer for them to get him out of isolation because it had been a month since he tested positive. I spent every amount of time I had left holding his hand kissing his cheek and then saying goodbye because he could no longer fight and he gave out. I truly believe that if i was with him that first week in hospital, he would have never needed a vent. Goodbye sweet love of my life!

Shari Harrison, Oklahoma
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