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Hi my name is Angelica and this is my story. I was married for 31 yrs to my beloved husband Tracy Snipes. He was originally from kansas. On oct 14 he became sick and thought it was a flu but after the symptoms kept worsening he did a covid19 test that turned. Out to be positive. He was admitted on 10/21 for one week and a half. We thought he was cleared and out of danger but then they decided to send him to rehabilitation due to oxygen deficiency. After 5 days in rehabilitation one day the oxygen level was low and staff was not able to regulate so he was rush to ER where he was intubated and sedated on 11/12/21. After that his lungs was not holding up and the co2 was not expelling so on 11/14/21 I was force to make a decision to let him go. He was a hard worker and loving husband. He was 54yrs old. He gave me a good life and comfort. He will be missed a lot. Until I see you again my love.

– Angelica Snipes, Alabama

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