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I got sick first and on day two I lost my smell and taste. My husband began getting symptoms theee days after me. He had a 103 fever and respiratory issues. The second night he passed out on the toilet- paramedics were called and said he was dehydrated. All vitals looked fine. The next morning the blood o2 dropped below 90 so I called 911 again. They ran vitals and looked fine and they told us to fight it at home and we will feel terrible. On November 29 I called the paramedics once again because my husband looked at me and I knew he was scared. They finally took him to the hospital. He got all the good meds and the convalescent plasma. However he didn’t respond. Day three he was put on a ventilator. His blood ph was low and was very acidic, which led to kidney failure, his right ventricle failing and even on the ventilator his lungs weren’t responding. One day 9 on being on the ventilator they tried to wake him by taking him off sedation and the paralitics. He never responded to the various ways to wake so I made the decision to take him off the ventilator and to let him go. He passed twelve minutes after the machines were turned off.

Monica Van Norman, Arizona 
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