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In March 2020, my husband and I were both hospitalized with COVID-19. My husband passed away from COVID-19 after a week on a ventilator. We had been together for 38 years. I have side effects of losing my hair, breathing issues, and had emergency surgery for intestinal issues (colon ruptured) caused by the COVID-19 and tested positive again at the time of surgery in July. Left the hospital after a week with a colostomy bag and received Home Health Care for another week to receive antibiotics through a pic line 3 times a day due to the infection. I will have surgery again to reconnect my colon as soon as the surge of patients hospitalized due to COVID-19 slows down. We were both healthy prior to the COVID-19. My husband was the wage earner. My son had to move home to help me financially so we could keep the house. My income is now about a fourth of what my husband made. I’m dealing with grief, health and financial issues.

Cheryl Frainee, California 

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