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, near my youngest sister. Mom became lethargic Easter weekend. On Easter, my sister did a drive-by visit to the facility. She saw mom through the window. I saw mom on FaceTime the next day. Tuesday after Easter, mom woke up very lethargic and then became unconscious that day and was transported to the nearby hospital. She tested positive for Covid-19 prior to admittance. Each day, the doctors updated us that mom was still comatose. Each of us her 4 daughters and her grandchildren were allowed one FaceTime visit to tell mom anything we needed to in case she didn’t pull through. Each day, the nurses allowed one daughter to call and get an update for the rest of us in the family or just to tell mom that we were all thinking of her and they we all loved her. 3 weeks after her admittance, on May 2, our mother died. My youngest sister and her husband said prayers on behalf of our family at the funeral and observed her burial. We hope to have a celebration of her life in spring 2021.

Pamela Magahiz, New Jersey