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My precious daughter passed away from Covid-19 on February 21st. I was so worried about her when all of this started. She had previously been sick with pneumonia for the past 5 years. She would get very sick and would not eat or drink when she had pneumonia. I exhausted all of my leave I could take in November. I had to go back to work and put my trust in home health to keep her safe so I could work. My daughter tested positive on January 25th and passed away on February 21st. It was such a roller coaster. My daughter had down syndrome so I was her voice her whole life. I fought with the hospital daily on not letting me in to be with her because she didn’t do well with doctors as it was and didn’t understand why she needed things that could help her get better. I was able to be with her until she was placed on the vent then was kicked out of the hospital. I was able to have her on the google duo almost 24/7. She was heavily sedated. I talked to her, played music and prayed. She had the tv on at home 24/7 so I had to tell nurses everyday to keep the tv on. I know she couldn’t see it but wanted her to have some sounds that she was use to. She rested better when she had her tv on. I was let back in on her 21st day of isolation after testing positive. From that day she started to decline. She was the light in my life. She was a community servant and was well known in our community. I knew people loved her but I had no idea the real impact she made in my community. She spreaded love, joy, smiles and hugs wherever she went. She is greatly missed by her family and community. As for me I have lost my child, something no parent should have to do. Something parents really don’t recover from there will always be an ache for her deep in my heart and soul. I was so blessed to have her and her love for 27 years. My life definitely will never be the same.

– Melissa Brame, North Carolina

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