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By Mary Kekatos
May 14, 2022

FEMA launched a program last year to cover up to $9,000 in costs per victim.

Despite the U.S. recording more than 1 million COVID-19 deaths this week, few families have taken advantage of a government program to help cover the cost of funerals for victims.

In April 2021, the Federal Emergency Management Agency launched a funeral assistance program, offering to reimburse loved ones up to $9,000, which is the average cost of a funeral.

However, only about one-third of families who are eligible have received reimbursements.

In the year since the program began, FEMA has distributed $2.3 billion to 351,000 Americans to cover funeral costs for about 369,000 people who have died from the virus, averaging about $6,500 each, according to FEMA data released earlier this month.

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