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I tested positive for COVID 7/24. And then took plaxovid for 5 days. Tested negative that weekend. And then rebounded that week after the weekend. Tested positive for 2 weeks got put on short term disability on 8/15 after not being able to work due to major anxiety, fatigue and insomnia. Tested negative on 8/21 but cannot shake the anxiety, fatigue and sleepless nights. My Short term disability ends next Tuesday and I’m still experiencing these God awful symptoms. My doctor is putting me on FMLA to stay out of work 6 more weeks. She put me on an antidepressant called Paxil to help with the anxiety but the effects of the drug made things worse. It causes anxiety and you have to push through it for at least 3 weeks before your symptoms will improve. Which didnt make any sense to me. I was suffering from every side effect of this drug. So stopped taking it on Saturday. 

I can’t work even part time because of these symptoms. I don’t know what I’m going to do for money until I get through this. I’m praying every day that these symptoms start subsiding so I can return to work sooner then later. 

I didn’t know what’s happening to me so I kept it to myself until I started to journal my symptoms as I am physician in India and I knew this is something abnormal and its not me as I always use to be usual self and I didn’t feel like myself had like out of body experience and brain fog cudnt spell basic spelling or task. And I had no one to go to. I tried all holistic methods to recover, read various articles on to why am I having this thats when I met my mentor and I found out that I am having something called as long covid post covid anxiety syndrome. 

I had pulled out 6 months with suffering all by myself with having multiple severe phobias that I could not stay alone in the house. I would feel better if we had more people with me I would be scared if I was left alone and would get panic attacks. I had so bad hair loss i felt il go bald. With lost appetite I came down to weight only 89lbs. 

Now slowly I have started to improve and slowly my symptoms have started to resolve, still do have few symptoms like nightmares but most of the symptoms have resolved. I hope someone who is going through there with similar symptoms I just want to say you aint alone in this. As I know the feeling and I had felt completely helpless and i had changed doctors to doctors in order to get the right diagnosis. Please do reach out if anyone is going through similar symptoms and I hope i get to recover as soon as possible. And go back to being old me. Happy and bubbly. 

I hope still I am not alone and I hope its only post covid and it shall all go away with time.

Annette ‘Greta’ Nolen-Dunigans (New Mexico)