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I was a normal guy going to the gym. I didn’t have any history of illnesses – nothing just a normal guy with a normal life.

Last year around August I got COVID. I started feeling symptoms and I checked myself in the hospital. They gave me an injection, gave me some pills, and gave me a prescription. I went home I started feeling better for the first three days.

After that it just took a turn for the worse. I couldn’t eat anymore and I started feeling really bad. I was talking to a friend of mine whose wife is a nurse and I was checking my oxygen level and it was at 87 so she recommended that I check myself into the hospital.

I didn’t ask my girlfriend to take me to the Hospital baptis to be exact because my best friends wife was working there at the time when I got to the hospital and checked in. They checked my oxygen level I was already down at 77 when I got in so they rushed me into a room started putting all these IVs and then they put me in the ICU. When I was in the ICU they reviewed me for a few days then I got the news that my lungs were about to collapse so I had to options either I go willingly and get incubated or they’ll do it themselves. I’m not gonna say everything that transpired while I was in the ICU because it’s a little too personal so I’ll just keep the medical stuff.

When they told me that they were in going to incubate me I thought that it was going to be a few days maybe a week I did not expect what happened after what I was told once I went under what I’m about to say it’s not anything that I saw it’s what I was told by nurses and my friend at the time she was there the whole time that I was under so once I was incubated I ended up going into a coma I was in a coma for four months and in those four months I died five times I had an ulcer that ruptured inside of me that the doctors couldn’t stop I lost 6 pints of blood.

After about two months my body started to gain some stability I was starting to be stable other than that it was touching go for the first two months once they stabilize me they put a trach in me and then four months later he would say I woke up I don’t know why I’m still here but I do know I’m here for a reason the day I woke up.

I had an outer body experience. I was in a dark room I heard voices I couldn’t hear the voices all I heard was muffled voices. I saw my bed with me and it lying on it I saw a beam of light coming down on my bed as I walked closer I felt peace felt good about happiness I felt joy so finally as I got to my bed and I’m standing right in over my body I started thinking to myself I think I died I think I’m dead so I was started to look towards the light when I heard a voice and it said it’s not your time my son it’s not your time you’re going to be fine and then I woke up. When I woke up I heard my friend said he’s up he’s up I told you he’s gonna wake up. When I finally woke up I could not move my body I was pretty much paralyzed from the neck down all I couldn’t do is move my head left to right up and down once I was a stable they moved me from the ICU to my room kind of like a step down as what they called it and basically I was in our room I woke up to my friends and family and I couldn’t move at all they told me that I would get it some I’ll get my sensation or feeling back to my body but I never really did.

I was told I had to do dialysis which I never had before. Doctors really couldn’t figure out what was going on with my body I took x-rays I took MRIs but they couldn’t figure out what was wrong at first when they checked the MRIs they all they were checking it was my brain you really didn’t check my body until after the fact I started gaining some movement on my arms but not much. The therapy that I was receiving in the hospital or next to none I noticed that the doctors were starting to panic because I wasn’t feeling anything in my legs they told me that I would regain my feeling towards my legs but they said that for every week I was in a coma it was gonna take one month for me to recover so after being three months in the hospital the doctors couldn’t figure out at first what was going on with my legs cause I still didn’t get any feelings yet to them so we did an MRI of my body that’s when I found a blood clot right in my spine right where it controls my legs T7 to T11 nobody knows why I got a blood clot in my spine they said he was Covid that it produces a lot of blood clots and don’t give me wrong I had a lot of blood clots in my lungs my lungs look as white as a white sheet but Covid is more respiratory so I couldn’t quite understand why there was a blood clot in my spine my friend which she was there for the whole time she told me that they stuck a needle in my spine and I believe that was part of why I got a blood clot I believe that when they put the needle in my back and they pulled some liquid out of to test something out & created a blood clot I don’t know I’m not a doctor but of course the hospital denied it he blamed it on Covid.

So once they did that MRI they came back and told me that I may not walk again he said maybe if I have some intense therapy and I may be able to walk but I didn’t have insurance at the time my friend helped me get insurance but the insurance I have is Medicaid which is not the greatest so the therapy that I need I don’t get because Medicare doesn’t want to pay for intense therapy I was blessed to have been able to go to a facility for at least one month and within that month I was able to move my arms for the first time in Eight months my therapist my OT Ashley was the best she massaged all the knot that I had in my shoulders and arms I was able to move my left arm and hand and little bit of my right hand I was able to move my right arm and thank God for PT my physical therapist Joel he really pushed me and I was able to push myself in a wheelchair after just two weeks of being in rehab but even though I was there for one month and a half.

You would think the store is starting to go good right wrong I caught a bacteria that was in my bloodstream and that it was spreading rapidly so they had to send me from the rehab center to the hospital again while I was in the hospital they told me that I was going to have to stay there for a while which caused me to lose my bed at the rehab are you then was told that the catheter that’s inside that’s connected to my heart for dialysis has a vegetation growing which of it spreads and gets into my heart then it’s lights out game over so they hit me up and pumped me up with a bunch of antibiotics so now I’m sitting two months in the hospital mind you while I’m in the hospital I have no therapy they offer therapy but it’s only 10 minutes and the therapy that they have to offer is like not even having therapy they don’t give you the therapy that you need but there’s nothing I can do about it so now I’m sitting in the hospital two months and I’m stressing because when they told me I was not gonna be able to walk I may or may not walk I’m sorry they said that I have up to a year before everything stays permanent so obviously I was trying my best to get out of the hospital and going to a rehab so I could do what I need to do but what are the setbacks things just started looking real dark.

One of the hardest things was finding a facility that will except me because majority the places that have therapy don’t wanna really except me with the insurance that I have and I think one is old people and I’m a young guy. It’s sad that I can’t get the proper help that I need because of certain circumstances and when I tell you I lost everything I lost everything that’s my house that’s my girl my kids don’t even see me they were all crying for me when I was in a coma but now that I’m awake nobody can see me or not gonna say that I got my friends good friends but my kids my little disappointed in that after all I sacrificed for them bending over backwards for them and for them to kind of turn their back on me when I need them the most that hurt and I don’t have family.

So I’m taking this journey by myself I’m right now in a rehab but it’s not the best but I’m trying to make the best out of it I want to see this sucks here it sucks here staff workers are OK but a lot of the employees here are garbage but I’m just trying to make the best of it Push true somethings better than nothing I guess and you would think I could probably sue for the stuff that really happened in the hospital but Florida passed lol saying that I can’t sue a hospital or the doctors for what happened with Covid or anything related to Covid so I’m paralyzed from the waist down it’s been over a year my left arm is functional my right arm semi-functional I’m in rehab hopefully I can get a custom wheelchair that the insurance will pay for and until then I just Gotta keep on pushing there’s got to be a light at the end of this tunnel.

I’m very optimistic and I’m very hopeful I think God for the blessings that he bestowed on me even though everything doesn’t seem to be the way I want it to be but he has other plans and whatever those plans may be i’ll be his instrument for him to use.

David Gualdarrama (Florida)