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My Daddy, James Pereira Sr., was a PROUD US Navy Veteran. He was married for 50 years to my amazing mom. He was taken from us within 21 days of contracting this horrific virus. Daddy was hospitalized for 10 days, sent home on a Thursday because the doctors “assured him he would be ok” and died the next day from the same exact reason he was discharged from the hospital for, Respiratory Failure, Secondary to COVID Pneumonia. Something went terribly wrong and we have no true answers. There are no words to make this right. Daddy had many hobbies throughout his years but his most favorite was to fish. Most important though, Daddy LOVED the Lord with all his heart. We are heart broken and stand in solidarity with all other families that have lost a loved one in this pandemic. May there be peace & healing in this very sad world.

Shamane Pereira (New York)

James Pereira Headshot