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I have always been high energy and on the go. A 30 year veteran of the restaurant industry and a life long athlete who was still competitive in powerlifting in March of 2020 as I got ready to turn 50. That March, I thought I had a cold, within a week the cold grew worse until it required a trip to the hospital. I was lucky, a short stay, but what followed was six weeks of bed rest, doctors and medications and when I was “cleared” of the virus what came next was maybe even worse. Migraines, brain fog, breathing issues, racing heart, blood pressure issues, damaged heart valves and last fall a neurological event that mirrored a stroke that left me with left side deficit and vision loss…. the life of a long hauler. My doctors have done everything humanly possible, the nurses and therapists, God bless them all! I got my vaccines this spring, last month we had a death in the family, I went to show support, came in contact with the virus, was wearing my mask, I always do and I got this virus again. Some scary moments but no hospital stay, again God bless the professionals! I am doing antibody treatments, 4 weeks now, I am moving around but the days which were rough have become harder. I was 70% of myself after tangling with Covid the first time, I am hoping to be 70% this time too.

– Joe Farina, New York

family in baseball game