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I contracted COVID-19 in October ‘20. I spent a week in the hospital and at the time thought that was it and that it would be over. In the almost 14 months since I’ve experienced issues with breathing, blood pressure issues, weakness, stamina, etc. The worst has been the PTSD that I’ve been diagnosed with since. Nightmares, spacing out over it, reading about it, talking about it, possible chance exposures and what not, it always being in the news, it always ring a topic of conversation… it just makes it feel like this thing that came into my life and almost took me and then was just gone… it feels like it took a lot of me with it. I’m not as strong as I was, I don’t have the breath or the energy, I stay dizzy now, and sometimes those “COVID thoughts” get so heavy and depressing… But I still feel blessed. Blessed to be here with my wife and kids and friends and family. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to receive the vaccine and booster. And I’m really thankful. I didn’t have it as bad as a lot of folks and I’ve known folks that have passed from it. It makes you feel guilty to have any complaints about the hand you were dealt when so many people lost their lives. That said, it’s had a profound effect on my life as well as my family. Our kids even wound up in therapy to deal with their anxieties and fears from that time. But you know, everyday we get a little bit further out from it. And everyday we all get a little better. And everyday we’re thankful.
– John Neese, West Virginia
Man with hat and glasses showing covid vaccine certification