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Both My husband and I tested positive for Covid in September 2021, we were 1 week apart. Me first. I got better he didn’t. Took him to emergency department 9/30 he was sent home, X-rays showed he had pneumonia. Kept having shortness of breath, went on Saturday 10/2 to get infusion. O2 was to low he was transferred to the emergency department. Slowly started getting worse, a week later 10/9 he was intubated. Both of his lungs collapsed, 3 chest tubes. And getting worse, he was transferred to another hospital for possible ECMO thanks God that he stayed improving but not enough to be weaned off the ventilator. He had to get a tracheotomy. Still no luck in weaning him off. Dr’s prognosis was that he might not make it or going to be on a ventilator the rest of his life. He was then transferred to Select Specialty Hospital as a final option. They specialize in weaning patients of ventilators. Within a week he was getting better. Discharged to long term hospital on 11/16 came home December 2, 2021 on our 15 year wedding anniversary. He lost 50lbs. The second day he was home a lady bug landed on him. To us this is a sigh from God, that everything will be ok. God and the Dr Hijazi’s COVID protocol saved my husbands life. We never stopped praying for a miracle. He has be home 3 months and has not needed oxygen at all. He is off all medicine only taking vitamine D and fish oil. Right now he is dealing with anxiety, Dizziness and extremely fatigue. The power of prayer is Real. To God be the Glory.

Veronica Mancera (North Carolina)

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