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November 2021, around Thanksgiving Day I was home alone, tired. My family decided to spend the holidays alone to protect each other so we could be safe and enjoy more years to come. On the Monday after, I was notified I had been exposed by someone from my Church to a small group of around 8-10 people. I went for my Covid-19 test and was notified hours later I was positive. I had all kinds of emotions, hurt, anger like why me, I took all safety precautions. I was extremely tired. I had no strength to get up out of bed and here in the house alone. I cried daily, no taste, no smell so congested. All I could do was sleep. I was off work from Thanksgiving until the first of the year. I finally was able to go by the office off and on, to walk I would give out. One minute I would be ok and next it was like life left my body. I was so lonely, depressed, I was afraid to be around others and I felt everyone was afraid to be around me. I’m so grateful I survived it. I have family, friends and people I know in the community that transitioned from Covid-19. I work and advocate daily as an elected official and a citizen about Covid-19 and I encourage others to get vaccinated to help herd immunity! #shotsinthearmssavelives

– Kaytrina Simmons, Alabama

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