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Hello, I am a law professor in Florida who caught covid-19 on March 11, 2020 at 9:30 am working in my free legal clinic for those who can not afford an attorney. I have been ill for 18 months. Initially, I was very ill with coughing, difficulty breathing, nerve pain, dizziness, vomiting, other GI issues. These symptoms lasted for 2 months. Then the long-covid full body inflammation followed. Several nights I would stop breathing. So I stayed up most nights pacing my drive way doing breathing exercises until the virus shifted in my body and I could sleep. I went through hell. And there was nothing to help me beyond oral steroids, inhalers and mucinex. I was in the hospital twice. When my symptoms persisted, I was told that it could not be possible. Very little has been done to help me with the long-Covid problems. I have had to take out my savings to try alternative treatments. The grief and sadness this year is paired with enormous physical pain. The lack of understanding, desire to protect the people who have suffered is soul killing. I never knew I lived in such a horrible world until I caught covid. I have learned a great deal and I am glad this webpage exists. Thank you Linda

РLinda Coco, Florida  

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