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I was diagnosed with Covid 11/24/20 Never recovered with constant long Covid – sinuses/allergy response constant 11 months now. Brain fog, systemic neurological issues, gi issues – diagnosed with Celuac disease 6/2/21. History of gastric bypass surgery and suffering from severe malnutrition. Pfizer vaccines March and April 2021 after waiting 90 days from positive pcr. I spiraled downward in health after vaccines and had to take Fmla at work. I have been unemployed since July 2021 and have depleted our cash and living paycheck to paycheck thanks to my husband. We still have to borrow money for my health visits due to cash pay and I have no insurance now. I have been bounced around from dr to specialist to dr. After months and 2 referrals to Baylor S&W Temple finally called with a virtual appointment in Early September and a team was to discuss my case. November 1, still no word or update to my pcp. Frustrated, tired, depressed, and malnourished. Trying to go back to work 2 days a week at a hospital next week. – Covid fighting Respiratory Therapist

– Melissa Young, Texas

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