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I was a public school teacher and marathon runner in my first year as a public school teacher in 2020, and I developed sudden bronchitis a week before schools closed down for spring break. That bronchitis led to sequelae of still progressing disease. I developed an immune attacking condition diagnosed as Guillain Barre on September 7th, 2020. Your nerve sheaths become destroyed and the body directly attacks the nerves in this extremely painful condition. I have received diagnoses of muscular dystrophy, axonal neuropathies, mast cell cytosis, and more. Small Fiber Neuropathy, Heart arrhythmia, months of loss of feeling from neuropathies to my feet, and over 102 symptoms continue to plague me. I have been hospitalized 3 times. I cannot pay for my car, I cannot work. I puke 20+ times daily when I am not receiving clinical trial medication, and the recent trial stage is completed. I am waiting for the next one to start. It is truly inhumane to suffer like this with no true financial help, and with Post-Covid clinics that are not fully educated on the CDC physician guidance regarding Mast Cell Disease and ME/CFS. I am a ghost of a person, and I am sometimes bedridden but force myself to have a very healthy non-histamine diet and I exercise excessively as it has been touted to help me improve. I bike on my recumbent bike up to 10 miles 3-5 times a week. It hasn’t changed my longhauler status. I am still fighting and it has now been 18 months. I built the non-profit COVID Survivors From Texas and continue to pour resources and support into the group.

– Miranda Erlanson, Texas