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July 21 I began experiencing a cough and runny nose. By the 24th a fever. I went to the urgent care and my test results were positive for Covid-19. Within hours I was experiencing severe fatigue, body pain and anosmia (no taste or smell) . Despite medications I was severely ill. Chills and fever up to 103.9, excruciating pain while sleeping. Uncontrollable coughing day and night. Unable to eat only drink fluids. I began hallucinating. I begged to live and begged to die. Prepared farewell videos to my 3 children. It dramatically changed my life. This went on for 2 solid weeks. Two hospital emergency visits. Hospital emergency room X-ray showed trauma to my lungs. But I chose to return home. After 27 days I began recovering. But it’s been over two months and I’m still struggling to gain my normalcy. Breathing is challenging. Deep breathing helps. Brain fog and concentration is daily. Fatigue and restless nights continue. But daily walking helps and strengths my lungs. Taste and smell returned. But taste is a bit off with sweet and sour foods. Still little to no appetite. Be mindful Covid-19 is a potentially fatal disease not to be taken lightly. Those whom lost their love ones are grieving and need kindness. Those of us that survived, long haulers, we too need kindness. Most of all we must have patience. Patience with ourselves, it takes time to heal. And from others. As a “long hauler” we need others to understand we are no longer severely ill, but we are still recovering. And it isn’t easy. Overall, we must do what ever it takes to protect our society and annihilate this deadly disease. None one should suffer needlessly.

– Mone Malone, Texas

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