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In March 2020 I got diagnosed with Covid, a few days later I passed out unconscious and was rushed to the emergency room where they discovered I had developed pneumonia as well. I don’t really recall much of my week in the ICU but apparently I had a high fever of 105 for at least 3 of those days. Little did I know after being released from the hospital the road I would have to face and what came as a result of the Covid. The “brain fog” which feels as though as you can’t process reading a simple sentence, was apparent off the bat. I had/have these body pains as well as feeling fatigued after the smallest expenditure of energy that’s been constant since being released in April 2020. Fast forward to now I’m on disability the Covid fever left me with brain damage that causes small seizures,still can’t properly exercise due to lung damage I also have liver damage from my time in the hospital. All that pales in comparison to the mental side effects of that traumatic experience. PTSD,Anxiety,Depression things I had never dealt with just getting dropped on me like that. My story isn’t over yet I’m still battling on both fronts mentally and physically. Up until I got sick I was an athlete, ran 7 minute miles was in possibly the best shape of my life all for the rug to be pulled from under me like that. Others are going through similar circumstances and it took me a while to see the light at the end of the tunnel so to say but it took the wise, caring words of a paraplegic for me to realize my situation wasn’t the end of the world, and that kind of snapped me back to reality. So anyone that reads this and thinks that your situation is getting worse, or the next appointment you have isn’t going to be good news just know that you are not alone. As bad as my situation is other people have had worse than me and survived worse than me. Keep your head up and get the help don’t be too proud that was my problem at first but no one can get through this alone I found out the hard way.

– Nico Trevino, Illinois

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