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I’m a 40 yr old covid longhauler suffering with the aftermath from covid 19 since early July 2020. Prior to covid, I was a healthy functional mom with No prior health complications. Covid hit me hard. I was told to go home and rest and go to the nearest ER if I had major complications. It takes a lot for me to go to the ER and I was terrified of going in and not coming out. So I nursed myself at home. Fast forward six weeks and I knew I had to seek medical attention. I went to the local ER and was immediately dismissed because “covid shouldn’t last this long” according to the ER doc. I wasn’t leaving without a chest X-ray, I could barely walk and my back and lungs hurt so badly it was absolutely horrible & a nasty cough on top of it. I knew I had pneumonia. I got that X-ray and I was right. He said I had “covid lung” Covid pneumonia. Prescribed me a zpac and sent me home. In pain and confused. My symptoms never went away. They continually got worse and more symptoms started to arise. My 6 yr old son was sick with covid as well. He still has fatigue issues and teeth issues. My ongoing symptoms consist of extreme fatigue, chronic cough, chest/lung/upper back pain, body pain, joint pain, migraines, extreme GI issues, nauseous daily, can barely eat solid food but I have gained at least 25lbs, brain fog, teeth issues and pain, temperature sensitivity, recurring low grade fever, extreme anxiety, etc etc etc. I most recently lost my voice for over a month after an EGD. I developed fungal laryngitis and it was terrible. I have had countless tests, scans, procedures with little to no answers. There is one post clinic in my state and I am grateful that I am a patient with them. My local GP has been helpful as well. I’m coming up on a year now of this covid rollercoaster and I’d love to get off ASAP but I am coming to terms that might take some time. So many of us are suffering and most of us have been dismissed by medical professionals about our ongoing struggles and symptoms since getting infected. It’s terrifying. Love and healing to all~ Rebekah G.

– Rebekah Grimes, Alabama 

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