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I had COVID-19 in India when my husband and I traveled to visit our folks and we both got covid in January 22. Immediately on the 4th-5th day of recovery started to notice sweaty hands and legs severely followed by 8th day I had major depressive symptoms with intrusive thoughts and that same night I had insomnia where I just could not sleep and as we tested negative after 2 weeks of quarantine we flew to USA. And my nightmare started. I started having pounding of heart with insomnia during the day with tinnitus in my right ear and severe anxiety so much that I wanted to run away. I would wake up middle of night with sweating body and rush of anxiety that I felt I’ll get or something worst will happen to me. I would cry every single day. 

I didn’t know what’s happening to me so I kept it to myself until I started to journal my symptoms as I am physician in India and I knew this is something abnormal and its not me as I always use to be usual self and I didn’t feel like myself had like out of body experience and brain fog cudnt spell basic spelling or task. And I had no one to go to. I tried all holistic methods to recover, read various articles on to why am I having this thats when I met my mentor and I found out that I am having something called as long covid post covid anxiety syndrome. 

I had pulled out 6 months with suffering all by myself with having multiple severe phobias that I could not stay alone in the house. I would feel better if we had more people with me I would be scared if I was left alone and would get panic attacks. I had so bad hair loss i felt il go bald. With lost appetite I came down to weight only 89lbs. 

Now slowly I have started to improve and slowly my symptoms have started to resolve, still do have few symptoms like nightmares but most of the symptoms have resolved. I hope someone who is going through there with similar symptoms I just want to say you aint alone in this. As I know the feeling and I had felt completely helpless and i had changed doctors to doctors in order to get the right diagnosis. Please do reach out if anyone is going through similar symptoms and I hope i get to recover as soon as possible. And go back to being old me. Happy and bubbly. 

I hope still I am not alone and I hope its only post covid and it shall all go away with time.

Saloni Kale (California)