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This is my story…I was 29 weeks pregnant caught covid! Monday, May 3rd 2021, I woke up got ready for work feeling a little off, put it off as being pregnant, arrived at work walked in the plant with my best friend got to the locker room I looked at her said I can’t breathe. Left work fiancé took me to our local ER he couldn’t go in he just received a call he tested positive for covid. I sat in the ER waiting room and that is all I remember. I was rushed from our local ER to IU North in Carmel, IN where my OB was. They put me in ICU on May 5th early morning they made the choice to move me to Methodist hospital Indianapolis, IN delivered our son at 29 weeks, put me in a coma, on ventilator and ECMO! I don’t remember anything! When I woke up I was no longer pregnant, didn’t meet my son for over a month he was sent back to IU North NICU after being born. My fiancé couldn’t be with neither of us he was home with covid and our older kids had to be quarantine. We were blessed the covid did not pass to our son! I was out of work 6 months because of all the recurring issues I have. That has caused a big financial burden on us unfortunately. October 2021 I asked my critical care team to please release me to go back to work.
Still till this day I have lower back pain, silent migraines and have trouble concentrating.

The picture I am sharing is the first time I was able to meet our son!

I live by this quote: You never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only choice.” – Bob Marley

That’s my story
Love, Tammy

-Tammy Pearce (Alabama)

woman holding baby