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My name is Timmy Pusher. I reside in SC. I am a covid survivor. I went into the hospital on 7/29/22 . I had double pneumonia. I was put in a medically induced coma and placed on a ventilator for about 2 months. While I was on the ventilator, I had lung failure, kidney failure. I coded and had to be resuscitated. After 2 months God preformed a miracle. I i was finally able to get a trach to help me breathe. I was awaken from the medically induce coma. My lungs continued to collapse and I had up to 5 chest tube. Long story short, I’m a walking miracle. I’m still recovering after 1 year and i still have a long way to fully recover but I’m thankful to God that he allowed me to live. I’m a walking miracle and I’m forever grateful 🙏

Timmy Pusher (South Carolina)