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I survived in the ICU for 8 days. I fought it before that 7 days until I developed pneumonia in my lung. As I feared the worse my temp finally hit 104 after almost passing out 3 times. At that point, I knew I had enough. I was in the same ICU room as my brother was in when he was treated for a gun shot. It seemed like a bad dream i couldn’t wake up from. My good friend by the name of Bob Chelli died in the same hospital while I was fighting for my life. Every night, i could hear alarms of people’s vitals giving out. One after another, people dying all around me. All I could think of is am I next? After the trial drug, I was stabilized after 4 days and things started to turn around. I still battle the long hauler effects. A week out I had stroke like symptoms due to Covid-19 and the inflammation it left behind. I’m just happy to be alive and home with my family.

Timothy Warner, Georgia

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