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I contracted Covid 19 in December 2020. I had a moderate case and didn’t have to be hospitalized. During the second week, my health took a turn for the worse. I started having symptoms resembling a Stroke on my right side. I lost muscle, had weakness in my arm and leg, brain fog, migraines, sensitivity to light, pain in my eye, neck, shortness of breath, blurry vision, extreme fatigue, numbness and tingling in my head, arm and hand. I felt like I was carrying so much weight on my shoulders and back. I was in the hospital for one month and one month doing inpatient rehab. I have also been diagnosed with depression, anxiety and PTSD. Wouldn’t you be if you had these issues and memory issues as well Since? Since then I have been doing PT, OT, SpT, psychiatrist and seeing a therapist weekly. I am learning to walk using a walker and a brace for the foot drop. I stutter, and cannot focus for more than a few minutes. I recently learned I have to see a Cardiologist because of Tachycardia issues, it’s a vicious, never-ending fight especially with meds.Before Covid 19, I was a school health aide for 16 years, a community activist, choir member in my church. I had lots of interest and was planning to start traveling again. I am no longer able to work or drive, depending on my family’s help. My doctors are at a loss as is the whole medical community. I want to live again not just exist, don’t Long Haulers deserve that? I don’t understand the lack of help, funding and support from you Governor, policy makers and the medical community. Illinois may have opened back up to business as usual but, Long Haulers who didn’t ask for this feel forgotten. There are thousands of adults, children and their families that are suffering with Long Covid. We need help medically, financially, physically

– Wendy Williams, Illinois

woman holding a sign I am fighting for better quality of life