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Committed to change and to each other.

COVID Survivors for Change is a nationwide community of survivors fighting for a stronger pandemic response to save lives by supporting survivors, remembering those who have died, and advocating for public health measures to prevent future pandemics. We do this by offering trauma informed resources and programs, sharing and amplifying survivor stories, and taking action to bring about legislative and cultural change. Our volunteers are active in all 50 states, have trained more than 700 COVID survivors on advocacy and self-care, and have provided more than 2,100 hours of support with mental health professionals.

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Our Policy Priorities

We advocate for a variety of policies at the state and federal level that exemplify our mission to support survivors, remember those who have died and prevent future pandemics. The policies range from financial support to COVID-19 survivors and scholarships for children whose parents died from COVID, to expanding health care support for Long Haulers and memorializing those who lost their lives to the virus. 

Survivor Resources

Find healing in support groups with other Covid-19 survivors. Read up on public resources available to you.

Survivor Stories

Together, we share our stories in hopes that others can learn from them, and that our fellow survivors can find healing in knowing that they are not alone.

Take Action

Help stop this pandemic and prevent more people from experiencing the loss we know intimately.