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Survivor Stories

We are Covid-19 survivors.

A coronavirus survivor is anyone who has had their life turned on its head because of this pandemic. We honor people who have survived the Covid-19 virus without lingering symptoms. We honor those whose symptoms lasted far after they tested negative for the virus. We honor those whose livelihoods disappeared, or grew dangerous, overnight. And we honor the people who were killed by the pandemic, along with their loved ones who survived, but whose lives were forever changed. We honor our stories and our trauma, and we commit to taking action together.

In Memory of Samuel Ayala – A Dad Who Fearlessly Fought the Virus until His Very Last Breath

Daddy got hit with Covid-19. He was admitted on August 23rd. After nearly 4 weeks of fighting,
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In Memory of Renato Valdez – A Wonderful Husband, Dad, and Grandfather Anyone Could Ever Have

I wish we weren't writing this story. It isn't a story we wish to tell or relive. But he deserves to be mentioned and remembered in every way.
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In Memory of Jennifer Marando – A Sister Who Is Deeply Missed by Her Loving Husband and Children

My sister, Jennifer Marando, age 50, passed away June 5th
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In Memory of Vasilios Doulas – A Healthy Husband with a Passion for Cooking

My husband was 69-years-old heathy and got sick on March 19
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In Memory of Amihilda Menina – A Mother Remembered for Her Welcoming Smile, Enormous Heart, and Tender Hands

Many remember mom for her welcoming smile, her infectious laugh, her cooking, her generosity, and her enormous heart.
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In Memory of James N. – A Man Who Deeply Cared for the Well-being of His Community

After fighting complications with Covid-19 for nearly a month, James went to be with the Lord on August 7, 2020.
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In Memory of Minnie and James Cabbagestalk – Loving Parents Who Joined Each Other in the Afterlife Just Days Apart

Both of my parents, James and Minnie Cabbagestalk, died just three days apart from Covid-19.
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In Memory of Donald Clayman – A Great Man Who Is Dearly Missed by His Children

My dad passed away 16 days after being diagnosed with Covid-19.
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In Memory of James D. Vance – An Amazing Father Who Loved His Family More than Anything

James tested positive on Friday Dec 4th, he was admitted Dec 7th, on a vent the next day.
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In memory of David Crockett – A Husband Deeply Missed by His Wife

My husband, as well as myself, contracted Covid-19 by an unknown source.
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In Memory of Benedetto Carollo – A Man Who Joined His Wife in the Afterlife

Benedetto Carollo, 86. He lived in Brooklyn, NY, and sadly passed away on April 1st.
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In Memory of E. Marie Ostola – A Mother Who Chose to Come Home to Say Goodbye to Her Beloved Family

My mother went into the hospital by ambulance on August 5th
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We're here to listen.

Survivor Resources

Find healing in support groups with other Covid-19 survivors. Read up on public resources available to you.

Survivor Stories

Together, we share our stories in hopes that others can learn from them, and that our fellow survivors can find healing in knowing that they are not alone.

Take Action

Help stop this pandemic and prevent more people from experiencing the loss we know intimately.