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Survivor Stories

We are COVID-19 survivors.

A coronavirus survivor is anyone who has had their life turned on its head because of this pandemic. We honor people who have survived the COVID-19 virus without lingering symptoms. We honor those whose symptoms lasted far after they tested negative for the virus. We honor those whose livelihoods disappeared, or grew dangerous, overnight. And we honor the people who were killed by the pandemic, along with their loved ones who survived, but whose lives were forever changed. We honor our stories and our trauma, and we commit to taking action together.

In Memory of Kathleen Grace Maj – A Mom Whose Children Surrounded her as She Aged

My family and I were unexpectedly faced with the the pandemic. In March 2020, the family could...
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In Memory of Pantaleon Omar Martinez – A Great and Amazing Father Who Lead His Entire Family

My father's first symptoms started on April 10, 2020 with a strong headache. It then progress to anxiety and gastro symptoms
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In Memory of Monte Eldon Macleod – A Husband and Best Friend Who Passed Away in His Favorite Chair

I found my husband dead on his favorite chair on Dec 13, 2020 after 9 days from COVID-19 battle.
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In Memory of Vincent G. Frainee – A Husband Deeply Missed by His Wife and Son

In March 2020, my husband and I were both hospitalized with COVID-19. My husband passed away...
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In Memory of Donald Vitelli – A Dad Who Is Forever Cherished by His Loved Ones

My dad was admitted to the hospital on Nov 30, 2020. The next 11 days were a gut-wrenching traumatic rollercoaster ride.
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In Memory of Robert Aroian – A Father’s Family Members Who Live Through Heartache, Anger, Frustration From Missing Him Every Day

My father passed away on April 27th 2020 after a battle with COVID-19. One can not imagine how painful it is
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In Memory of Raymond C Benbrook – A Wonderful Stepdad Who Bravely Fought the Virus Alone

My wonderful stepdad of 32 yrs past after a 5 week battle with COVID-19.
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In Memory of Hedy Lipez Burbank – A Mother’s Short, Courageous Journey Battling the Virus

My mom contracted COVID-19 during a hospital visit right before Christmas.
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In Memory of Loren “Butch” Stein – A Husband’s Death Created Scars That Will Never Heal

On January 10th, I had to call the paramedics for my COVID-19 positive husband
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In Memory of Joseph Fierroz – A Father Whose Caring and Kind Soul Is More Than Just a Statistic

My papa was not just a number; he was, he is, such a caring and kind soul.
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In Memory of Jennifer Lee Conklin – A Sister Who Exuded Love Toward Everyone

My sister, Jennifer, who is mentally handicapped and has cerebral palsy lost her fight with COVID-19.
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In Memory of Jose Ramudo – A Wonderful Father Leaving Behind Many Family Members

My wonderful father, Jose Ramudo, died from COVID 19 on 11/27/2020 after a 10 day battle.
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We're here to listen.

Survivor Resources

Find healing in support groups with other COVID-19 survivors. Read up on public resources available to you.

Survivor Stories

Together, we share our stories in hopes that others can learn from them, and that our fellow survivors can find healing in knowing that they are not alone.

Take Action

Help stop this pandemic and prevent more people from experiencing the loss we know intimately.