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Take Action

Demand That Elected Leaders Take Stronger Action Against Covid-19 to Save Lives.

There are more than 7.4 million confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the United States and more than 210,000 Americans have needlessly lost their lives. Meanwhile, frontline and essential workers continue to risk their lives every day to fight the pandemic and keep our economy and communities running.

This crisis is not over. No one is immune from this pandemic.

In this time of collective national trauma, we need to come together to demand that our elected leaders do more:

  1. Develop a data-driven pandemic response that prioritizes effective prevention and outbreak reduction strategies
  2. Reopen the economy in a way that prioritizes the safety of all Americans
  3. Encourage and model recommended pandemic safety behaviors like wearing masks and social distancing 
  4. Provide ongoing support, treatment, and resources for those who have been impacted by Covid-19

We have to stand together to get through this crisis. Let’s raise our voices and make a change.

Yes, I will stand with Covid-19 survivors and Americans nationwide to demand that our elected officials launch a stronger response to the Covid-19 pandemic to save lives.

Survivor Resources

Find healing in support groups with other Covid-19 survivors. Read up on public resources available to you.

Survivor Stories

Together, we share our stories in hopes that others can learn from them, and that our fellow survivors can find healing in knowing that they are not alone.

Take Action

Help stop this pandemic and prevent more people from experiencing the loss we know intimately.