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We’re Calling on Congress to Pass Paid Leave for All

The Covid-19 pandemic forced millions of Americans to choose between taking care of their family’s health or collecting a paycheck. That’s a choice no one should have to make. 

Paid leave for all will support Covid-19 survivors and help prevent future pandemics by:

  • Giving Covid long-haulers the time to heal from debilitating symptoms without risking their livelihoods
  • Providing caretakers with the time they need to support a loved one with Covid or another severe illness
  • Allowing time off for workers in frontline jobs without access to paid leave and supporting Black and Latino communities who are disproportionately represented in these jobs
  • Reintegrating women into the workforce, especially women of color, who collectively lost 5.1 million jobs during the pandemic partly because of the pressures of taking on caregiving demands 
  • Helping keep our workforce healthier and preventing the spread of viruses 

Paid leave for all is supported by the majority of Americans across party lines because there’s nothing controversial about helping sick individuals and families heal. Paid leave legislation can ease the burden on workers and families – and it can save lives.

Stand with Covid-19 survivors and Americans nationwide to demand that Congress take action immediately to fund paid leave for all to help the nation fully recover from the pandemic while protecting economic stability for American workers.

Survivor Resources

Find healing in support groups with other Covid-19 survivors. Read up on public resources available to you.

Survivor Stories

Together, we share our stories in hopes that others can learn from them, and that our fellow survivors can find healing in knowing that they are not alone.

Take Action

Help stop this pandemic and prevent more people from experiencing the loss we know intimately.